We Live .. We Learn

November 2, 2008

The past couple of weeks were -somehow- tensed .. fully loaded with diff kinds of feelings but as well lots of lessons to learn

Well first of all I learned something about myself that maybe I wasn’t fully aware of .. that sometimes am stubborn in way that would hurt me .. and am not talking about being stubborn about my opinion in some kind of a conversation .. but wut I mean is that sometimes I just keep holding to things because I feel that’s how things should be .. like trying hard to keep a promise while the “promised” one doesn’t want wut he has been promised anymore !
seriously how dumb can that be ?!

Again and again .. I am assured that I’ve got some wonderful friends that I can turn to unconditionally .. which makes me really believe that after all .. something’s gotta give .. I do feel grateful for having you guys in my life.

I like the way I am and am not looking forward to change it -so far- as I simply don’t care wut anyone would think .. I just do wut I believe is right and simply when u’re doing wut u believe is right u dont have to wait for something in return it’s just you and how You do things .. so as long as u’re convinced with ur way of living u’re life and enjoying it .. then simply Live it that exact way .. make the best out of it .. and enjoy it to the maximum.

I am really aware of myself , how I feel and where I stand .. which really save much time and effort in times of instability.

I learn my lessons .. try not to do the same mistakes again .. so when it was time .. I made a choice that proved to me that I’ve learned from my mistakes in the past and it felt really to be able to take the right decission.

Well as I mentioned before am really thankful to life for giving me such great “humans”.

And last but not least .. am sure that “Shams el nahar .. hatginy”
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3 Responses to “We Live .. We Learn”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    we love u for what u r ..and not for what u may be..

    laugh a lot
    dream always
    love all the time :)

    شمس النهار اكيد
    هتغني وتصحيك غنوة امل وحياة

  2. Anonymous Says:

    ماشوفتش زيها :)
    ولا هتشوف :)

  3. عــلا Says:

    We live to learn ya Hassan. Some people believe that the one who does not learn, does not deserve to live.

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