November 23, 2008

When we’re used to have something all the time .. we don’t think anymore of how would we be without it .. we somehow take it for granted coz we know that it’d always be there for us ..

the thing is not whether it’d be there or not .. but its more about the sense of “enjoyment” having that thing ..

when u take something for granted u don’t enjoy it as much as u used to do before .. u’d even stop enjoying it .. or forget to ..

like now .. my ADSL service is down due to some stupid technical problem .. so i had to use the dial up modem connection ..

almost a week earlier I was thinking about upgrading my connection speed to  1 MB coz i don’t feel like mine is enough .. and so .. i started feeling that am not enjoying my current connection speed ..

so u can imagine wut i am feeling now using the 56k modem with its 5kb/s as max download rate !

amazingly .. am not angry .. and am not being in a bad mood ..

on the contrary .. I Appreciate the 56k modem for it exists .. coz if it didn’t .. i wouldn’t ‘ve been able to write that post or maybe even have such a thought ..

I Appreciate my 256k ADSL connection for the speed and the conn stability it provides me comparing to its predecessor ..

I do appreciate the presence of the internet itself .. as a window that one day almost 10 yrs ago I’ve opened it for the first time and since then it keeps fascinating me ( altho it’s turned to be a daily routine)

I know i might have lots of things for granted because simply i am used to having them ..

but i really do appreciate every single thing i have .. that once made my day .. or put a smile on my face .. that was a source of happiness or satisfaction to me ..

even if i forget to say i am grateful for all these stuff most of the times ..

i do feel so lucky right now to have every single thing i have .. every single friend i know .. every person i came to know .. every experience i ever had .. coz that wut’s made me the “me” i am today :)

I do Appreciate the small things

I do Appreciate Life :)


2 Responses to “A.pp.re.ci.at.io.n”

  1. Cinderella Says:

    i love appreciation
    and how appreciation can change your own point of view about stuff ..people and life itself..

    i hope days will past
    and u and me will learn to APPRECIATE everything .. but in a better more funny way than today :)

    and mark ur memory .. today is the day of appreication .. starting of with the Gneh ..passing through friends..country.. Cairo tower and ending with the ADSL :))

  2. علا Says:

    إلف النعمة.. لكم أكرهه و أكرهني عندما تضيق بي الدنيا و لا أشعر بقيمة ما أنعم الله به علي.

    انما ساعات تانية باحس بفضل الله علية في النفس اللي بتنفسه و في طلعة الشمس و في صوت العصافير الصبح على شباك أوضتي و على شكل النيل الصبح بدري و انا نازلة أركب (قبل ما اجيب العربية و اتحرم من المنظر ده) :(

    باحس أوي اوي بنعمة ربنا لما أبص في وش أمي الصبوح و أشوف حنية اخواتي و حبهم لية و أصحابي و حبهم لية اللي ما بيتأثرش بحاجة.. الحمد لله عندي اللي مش عند كتير غيري.. عندي صديقة أنتيم حبها لية ما بيتأثرش بمرور سنين و لا بانشغال حد فينا و لا بظروف و لا حالات نفسية و لا تغير حالة اجتماعية و لا تغيير مود، هي بتحبني كما انا و في جميع أحوالي.. و انا كمان، عشرة سنين صعب تتعوض و فيه كتير مستعدين يدفعوا من عمرهم عشان يبقى لهم صاحب أنتيم يخاف عليهم و يحبهم و يستحملهم في أوقات شدتهم و عصبيتهم و تقلباتهم.

    طولت انا في الرد؟ معلش اصل البوست ده لمس وتر حساس عندي.. شكله كده :)

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