Life .. is life :)

December 13, 2008

Well .. am not so sure of wut am going write in here .. but i just have a feeling that i have to write something ..

am really feeling more comfortable with my blog move to wordpress .. the interface is so much more cleaner and simple .. altho i didnt have any inconvenient hassles with blogspot but it just feels better in here “at least for the time being”

I dunno wut i will do or wut i have to do .. all i know is that i wanna step in the arena and get wutever is mine

i know ill take everything slowly and give it the thinking it needs to be done in the right way and the right time .. just the way i always act when it comes to paths

sometimes when ur in a crossroads ur not sure wut direction u should take .. add up to this the fact that u just came  out of a bumpy road .. that would make u take things real slow .. take all the time u need to check on the gas and oil and then give the path choice a real deep thinking “or u can do that aswell while checking on the gas and oil .. multitasking :p”

i dont really know wuts coming but am not fearing it .. at all

a year is about to start over .. ive got some big plans for this year

as for the time being .. am enjoying wut i have .. and willing to make the best out of it

always keep in mind the fact that life gives and takes :)


8 Responses to “Life .. is life :)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Take your time ya Hassan and enjoy :)

    Wish you luck and happiness.

  2. Moodi Says:

    be monasbet el bumpy road wel gas and oil, eh a5bar el 3arabeya ba3d el balla3a eyaha?

  3. jazzylife Says:

    yeah am wish mesh m3rof :)
    enjoy the ride and take ur time :)
    bs elfekraaaaaa b2a
    enk mtrg3sh t3’ni 2o3’nyt ironic

    (Two minutes too late)

  4. We’re just ordinary people
    We don’t know which way to go
    Cuz we’re ordinary people Maybe we should take it slow

  5. Cinderella Says:

    well i meg to diff. but whatever

    great things doesnt come in walking slow .. but whatever that’s me anyhoo

    masaa el7’er :))

  6. W O R D S Says:

    Ola ..
    thanks for ur wishes :) wish u all the best :)

    Moodi ..
    didnt check it up yet :S but its okai i can feel it :D

    well i believe that wutever is urs .. u wont ever miss ( for sure dont u try locking urself up in the closet tho)

    Yeah .. thats it .. sometimes we have to celebrate the fact that we’re just ordinary ppl after all .. its totally okai to feel and act ordinary sometimes .. just catch ur breath .. look around u .. enjoy the scenery .. and indulge urself
    and when ur ready hit the road again :)

    Cindy tany :D
    well u have all the right to beg to differ .. i have the right to deprive u that aswell :P

    well gr8 things doesnt come walking slowly .. but gr8 thing would never come without a deep thought before boosting it up ..
    i beg to differ :D

  7. Cinderella Says:

    well i dont know
    anyway there is a note for ola osman (she just wrote it)about the moon

    …anyway enjoy ya gamil :)

  8. W O R D S Says:

    yeah i read that post @ ola’s and i told her i just couldnt coz i was thinking about the same thing be4 i read it
    and it did wait for her afterall .. didnt it ? ;)

    thanks .. u 2 :)

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