Press Start to Play

December 28, 2008

In deep need for a Fresh Start ..

“Learn from your mistakes .. but never let them hold you back” , Myself, Right now.


4 Responses to “Press Start to Play”

  1. washwashat Says:

    Best of luck ya Hassan and wish you a good fresh start by the beginning of a new year :)

  2. Cinderella Says:

    fresh start
    fresh heart
    fresh smile
    fresh mind
    fresh breathe
    fresh dreams that are attainable and not as far as they may seem

    fresh mornings
    fresh nights
    fresh friends that will always make you feel alright

    fresh serenity
    and above all
    fresh soul :)

  3. Cinderella Says:

    i just wanna add something
    it takes a hell of gutts to press the Play button by the way : )

  4. W O R D S Says:

    Thank you Ola :) .. you too .. and everyone who is in need for one

    Cindy ..
    Fresh soul :) .. thats wut its all about :)
    and yes .. it does take that to do this ;)
    by the way .. i’ve just pressed the start button this morning :D
    well .. one of the start buttons i wanted to press at least ;) :)

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