Welcome to wherever you are !

January 1, 2009

Last night i had a post that i didnt write .. and i shall write it later

tonight am writing a post that i didnt think about .. and id publish it just as it is ..

08 has gone .. with all it brought .. and took away ..

i didnt hate 08 though ..

09 has now arrived .. years are just figures for the time passing .. our very own time

and yet ive said happy new year several times tonight .. its always good to wish ppl happiness

i feel peace of mind .. altho madness is all around ..

i feel that i’ll be getting to my destination .. someday .. and am not in a hurry

am enjoying the trip .. with all the joys it has within .. with all the lessons there’s to learn ..

friends can make things not just easier .. but way much better than it could ve been without good friends around

life is  a number of opportunities and choices .. either taken or left ..

thats why life cant be unfair .. its you who shape ur own life ..

today the weather was chilly and cold .. yet i felt warm inside ..

with a smile on my face i am writing this post .. which may mean nothing .. or something to someone ..

but for me .. its just what i felt to write down

tonight .. i felt grateful to life .. to Human beings  .. to God

and i just wanted to write it down.

*Post titled after a Bon jovi song with the same name.


2 Responses to “Welcome to wherever you are !”

  1. washwashat Says:

    I do understand and feel each single letter you typed.

    It seems that the fresh starts come to you even when you don’t call them :)

    Last night, for me, was also a fresh start.

    El 7amdulellah

  2. Moodi Says:

    “life is a number of opportunities and choices .. either taken or left ..”
    أندم علي الفرص اللي انا سبتهم
    و الا علي الفرص اللي ما سبتهمش
    عجبي !!

    kol 7aga bte7sal, mahma kanet nehayet-ha – kwayesa aw we7sha – e7na elly natiget-ha we ta2sirha 3alena, ya emma net3allem menha we nkammel 2a2wa men el awel, ya emma no2af we n7ot edena 3ala 5addena we mo3od n3ayat 3aleha.
    mafish 7aga bne5sarha mahma kanet el nehaya we7sha, ” its you who shape ur own life”
    you have the choice to make every thing count FOR you

    kol sana wenta tayeb, we yarab tkoon fresh start li we t7a2a2 koll elly enta 3ayzoh

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