February 16, 2009

-You either Love or Ignore .. hatred is a privilege you shall not grant to those who doesn’t deserve it.

-He who has a lot, desires more .. He who has none, thinks he doesn’t deserve any .. Only he who has some, believes he has it all.

-Call him not a friend this who thinks you shall only share what brings joy to the small heart of his.

-Life can always give you, even much more than you’ve ever wanted .. only when you’ve already known what you want.

-Talk and act madly sometimes .. sanity is”really” overrated.

-I don’t miss the dear ones .. for they didn’t go anywhere far from the heart of mine.

-Friendship is … Life experience.

-Some can really inspire you through you’re life .. even without knowing they did.

-A smile can do it all.


3 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hatred is not the opposite of Love, Numbness is , if u hate me u still have feelings for me.

  2. Cinderella Says:

    so ..you believe in these sentences?

  3. W O R D S Says:

    غير معروف
    thats true ! .. and i dont hate u :p

    sure i do .. or else i couldnt have wrote them :)
    u tell me if u disagree with any lets discuss it maybe i was wrong about it .. or u’re

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