Late night hallucinations :D

April 15, 2009

Its been a while since i last wrote something here .. and i wont go through all the assumptions of why havent i been writing !

but wut i know for sure that it has nothing to do with me being in a bad mood or so .. coz i know that for quite a long time i’ve been feeling realy good :)

so today .. maybe i ve got nothing important to say .. but i just felt that i wanted to write something here ..

am so thankful for every thing in my life for real .. every opportunity that comes across my way .. every second chance am given .. and giving .. every smile that lightens up someone’s day .. every caring feeling that shows someone that he’s still belonging to someone or something

every idea that i have .. is a gift from life .. my life .. the lifes of those who ‘ve touched mine .. and even those who never came across mine but i still learn something from

every day in my life proves in an undeniable way that friendship is/was/will always be the gr8est surprise life’s got for us !

i read a quotation a couple of days ago saying that friends are the family we choose .. i do believe in this saying so very much

am so thankful for i have a family that i chose of friends .. and friends that i have from family .. i think one can get luckier than this !

i had a dream for so very long time .. and now am making it true .. and am enjoying watching myself doing this so very much .. and this thing am truly loving

i have goals and dreams to be achieved/fulfilled .. maybe sometimes i get into the circles of life .. spinning around for some time .. but i always come out and go on .. move forward .. and thats a bless am thankful for !

my life is not perfect .. my attitude is not perfect .. my logic is not perfect .. even my photography is so not perfect :p

but still .. am enjoying everything i am ..

am enjoying every bit of that miraculous gift am given

am enjoying every second am living .. the good and the bad .. the lessons am learning .. the dreams am making come true !

for every one who have ever crossed my life .. thank you for being a part of my life .. a part of a lesson i once/ever will learn !

for those who have always been there supporting me regardless of how i am .. wut am giving/not giving .. even wut am taking .. thank you big time .. uve been a bless !

for this one who can always undesrand .. thank you ! :)


2 Responses to “Late night hallucinations :D”

  1. washwashat Says:

    Don’t you know that your presence in anyone’s life is a blessing in itself? Now you know ;)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Now I know why u were sleepy all day :P
    May all ur dreams come true
    I do (A

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