The Blue’s Song :D

May 4, 2009

Here’s a poem a friend of mine wrote back in the year 2000 .. i found it playing inside my head for some unknown reason !

I’ve always really liked it .. always felt it was so ironically and sadly true and so well written too !

so i thought maybe i should post it in here

you’ve got the blues
some awful news !
you’ve lost so much today ..
when people ask ..
don’t wear a mask
don’t just say : i’m okay !
keep sad for a while ..
don’t laugh , don’t smile
don’t do what u don’ wanna do ..
feel bad, feel poor
but just make sure
that sadness , won’t kill u ..
you’ve cried all night
you’ve tried suicide !
but nothing’s changed out there ..
it’s a simple rule
you’re a big .. fat .. fool
if you thought
someone would care !
take my advice
don’t lose your life
no matter how far you’re lost ..
cuz the only one
who’s gonna feel sorry for u

will be


ghost ..


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