August 6, 2006

Well ..
ive been surfing blogs for almost a year now ..
i found it amazing ..
the way you can write down ur deepest thoughts ..
just writin them down .. not knowin would someone care to read them or not .. even if no one read them .. i’ve just let it out ..
I’ve got a blog somewhere else .. but am keepin it pvt .. the idea of having a public blog was really smth i had 2 think about again and again ..
but wut can I say .. here i am .. am makin it public .. even though i think it would still be pvt coz maybe no one would read it .. the idea itself gives me a thrill ..

this is my 1st blog post .. I was thinkin about wut am going to right down here ..
well i believe this will be a “General” blog ..
I would write down anything that crosses my mind ..
I’d mention anything i liked/disliked ..
I’d say wut I think about anything or anyone ..
And as u see ( and get ) from the “blog title”
it’d only be “shakhabeet” ..
Am not claimin am a talented writer ..
Not willin to pretend I am ..
So .. all am gonna write down here .. is just me .. No more .. No less
Ive said too much .. lol .. who cares its my blog !! :P
Hope someone would enjoy .. know .. or learn smth new ..
I’ll be back soon ..
W domtom .. :D


One Response to “Shakhabit”

  1. Cinderella Says:

    :)) days go by so fast

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